1 Color Me Crazy Earrings by Erickson Beamon, Charm & Chain, $408.00 2 Charm Candy Acrylic Bowl, Alexandra Von Furstenberg, $378.00 3 Neon Chunky Chain, Topshop, $28.00 4 Untitled c.1961 Print by Mark Rothko,, 23.5" x 31.5" $34.99 5 Neon Arches Throw Pillow, NightByrd, $75.00 6 Diana F+ Camera - CMYK, Fabrica Verde, $99.00 7 Marc by Marc Jacobs Straw Shopper, Farfetch, $216.00 8 Electric Safari Resealable Bags, Sephora, set of 12 bags $12.00 9 Angela Adams and Sea Bags for J.Crew Pocket Sail Bag, J.Crew $198.00 10 Field Notes Notebook, J.Crew, three-pack $14.50 11 Aurélie Bidermann Mother-of-Pearl Charm Bracelet, Net-a-Porter, $115.00 12 Belt with Bow, ZARA, $25.90 13 Jelly Shoes, ZARA, $109.90 14 AVF Fearless Trays, Alexandra Von Furstenberg, $208.00 - $308.00 15 Earth Movers by Jonathan Zawada 16 Splendid Striped Cotton and Silk-Blend Top, Net-a-Porter, $81.00

Neon has been trending for the past few months, but I've been saving this post for warm weather, as I like neon shades paired with neutrals, especially camels and whites. Even though I like bright colors, I tend to use hues this bright in small doses—a tray here, a pillow there. Alexandra Von Furstenberg's acrylic candy bowls are my favorite—colorful and useful—the perfect dose of neon!

Photos: Harper's Bazaar,
Vanessa Jackman

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The Buzz Blog said...

Anything to do with cand y tops my list and those bowls are great... Now I feel better about my neon toes!

tina.b said...

I LOVE neon, did a post of it a while back myself. This is a wonderful collection of images. I really want the Splendid top, too cute! And of course I would die for anything from AVF, I especially love her consoles. Out of my price range though. :(

Sarah Morgan said...

This post is so fun!!

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