1  Small Plum Rosy, Diane James Home, $210.00  2  Diamant Boxes, Plantation, set of 2 $150.00  3  Duke of Urbino by Piero della Francesca,, from $34.99  4  Parsons Mini Desk, West Elm, $249.00

Bull's Eye Red 2002-20, Benjamin Moore  |  Pink Peach 2009-40, Benjamin Moore  |  Watercolor Blue 793, Benjamin Moore  |  White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore  |  Jet Black 2120-10, Benjamin Moore

This room by Thomas Britt stopped me dead in my tracks. There are so many fabulous little details you simply have to stop and stare at it a minute to take it all in. Next to the chic panelling, the sky blue ceiling really adds an extra dimension. And that black and white chair really makes the space, don't you agree?

Image: Veranda

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Graebelle Campbell said...

 This is a fabulous room.  We can see why it stopped you in your tracks.  Fabulous color combinations.

Diane James Home said...

Wow - what a bedroom!  You're right, the chair makes such a statement and we're dying to see what the rest of the room was like.  Thanks for pairing us with such a divine designer!
C + C

The Style Charmer said...

love these colors together and inspiration board is genius. i need something like this for my bedroom. excellent inspiration!! thanks :-)

come  say hello-

quintessenceblog said...

I do agree!! FABULOUS!! I ADORE the unusual palette and your wonderful interpretation!!

laptop laptop said...

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